terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2012

Creative Writing 2 - Rose and her big heart

Rose had a very big problem. Because she had such a big heart and she could love so much, she was infatuated with every boy in her school and she had an obsession with all of them. 

Although Jamie was that nerdy boy with thick glasses, Rose had a passion for him because he was very cultured: due to his readings, he could be very analytical and had much eager to learn. Before tests, he always helped her and she was always proud of his grades. 

Jim, however, was Jamie’s opposite. He was very charismatic and charming. He had an ability to play soccer and he was the best player in school, so he was very energetic and intuitive. But, what Rose most liked of him, was the fact that he was very modest, although he had so much attention during the games season. 

Rose also had a fascination with Peter. He was an aloof boy and because of that, he and Rose never spoke so much with each other, but what they have talked was enough for Rose, so she could notice how observant he was and how he could control his impulsive feelings, although he was very emotional and sensitive. 

Rose also had a love of Daniel who was a very pragmatic and articulate boy. He was the chess team leader and he was great at leadership, because he was very good at solving problems and, at the same time, he was very self-effacing. 

All the boys Rose loved were very respectful people and she had a reluctance to only two boys from her school. 

John was very meticulous and persuasive. Rose hated devious people, because they observe people’s feelings to harm them later. Brian was very detestable too. Because he was physically strong, he was provocative to hit people in any occasion that pleased him. 

Despite these two boys, Rose was very happy in admiring all her lovers and feel butterfly in her stomach every time she was around them.

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