terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012

Let's set to work?

I have a big family. Besides me, my mother and my father have three more children. When my oldest brother was 8 and my youngest sister was 3, my father injured his feet and my mother, who had never left us alone before, had to take him to the hospital and me and my siblings stayed all by ourselves at home for around four hours. During this period, we set to work. My oldest brother set the dog loose inside our living room and my youngest sister set all her paints she made at school into the wall. My middle sister decided she would make pancakes and she almost set the house on fire. At the time, I was only a six-year-old boy and, as my sister was cooking, I started setting the table to eat the pancakes she was making. The problem is that I couldn’t reach the dishes so I set everything I could on the floor to climb. For luck, an older cousin, who has always set an example for all of us, arrived and seeing all that mess, set clear targets for the four of us arrange what we had done. For my older brother, besides cleaning the mess the dog had done at the living room, he set him the responsibility of looking after his younger siblings! 

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